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where should i put my writings?

So I actually have two places to write things. Here: a scratchpad for my thoughts, just thinking things through with minimal editing. There: a place for more polished writings, usually involving more research and editing.

I was thinking today about a couple of posts I want to write (how different groups of friends think about AI, my own changing thoughts about AI, thoughts on recurrence in neural systems, future of neuroscience stuff, different types of neuroscientist, and so on, who knows how many of these will make it out). What cutoff should I use to publish here or there? Eventually, I decided upon a good heuristic. If it's something directly from my thoughts and more personal reflection, I will post it here. If I want to share it broadly and publicly, I will post it there.

I do like having two places. It feels casual here, like I can just write whatever comes to mind. In the other place, I have more control over the formatting and can put in equations and figures, which helps for longer writing. I can also just handle my different personas better, a more casual one that's more what I'm like with friends and a more thoughtful one for general consumption.

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